I did Dry January- here are my thoughts

I did Dry January- here are my thoughts

This year two of my friends and I made a pact to participate in Dry January. We’d spent the last two months going out to bars every weekend and attending boozy holiday parties, so Dry January felt like the perfect reset for our bodies, minds, and wallets. 

We took the opportunity to branch out and do different things together than we’d usually do. Instead of buying drinks at the bar, we spent that money on tickets to musicals or online courses to make us better at our jobs. We worked out together at the gym and went for long walks at the Gathering Place. We had dinner together at home and spent hours on FaceTime encouraging each other to do things we were scared to do on our own (like starting a blog!). 

I also really enjoyed getting my Friday nights to myself. Most Fridays after work I’d walk to the library, check in any books I’d finished, and check out any books I had on hold. Coming home and curling up on the couch with my dog and a good book after a long week was downright therapeutic– I began to look forward to it! 

Another thing I noticed was how much more energy I had throughout the week and how much more I was able to get done. I didn’t need to spend all weekend in recovery mode, so I used all that extra time to do stuff like cleaning out my drawers and reorganizing my apartment (significantly less fun than a night out, but now I can immediately find the sweater I’m looking for instead of tearing apart my dresser every few days.)

On top of all that, I also saved at least $100 this month because of Dry January. Looking back at my bank statements from November and December, there were nights when I spent $50 or more on fancy cocktails and appetizers at our favorite spots. Replacing those nights with trips to the library and dinner at home really added up. I was able to throw a little extra money in my savings account and get an extra day added to my Disney World ticket for my Disney Princess Half Marathon trip later this month! Definitely worth it!

To be entirely honest, there were two times during Dry January that I actually did have a drink. The first was one night when I was out at a bar with some friends of a friend. I wasn’t having a super fun time and the vibes were not great, so I had a drink thinking it would make the whole thing more bearable. Spoiler alert– it didn’t. But it did make me realize that instead of trying to suffer through it I could just leave! And I did! I was in bed asleep by 11! 

The second time was the last weekend in January. I ended up meeting a friend at a bar for a few drinks and we had a really great time, but I definitely just wanted to go out that night to be seen. I had my hair and makeup done and it felt like a waste not to do something. I’m sure there are other ways to fulfill that feeling of wanting to be seen looking really pretty, but I haven’t found one quite yet that I really like. (If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!)

All in all, I really really enjoyed it. There were multiple texts to the group chat to say something along the lines of “maybe we should just live like this now??” and for the most part I intend to keep living like this. I’ll have a drink on a special occasion, but I’m totally cool with not going out every weekend anymore. 


Morgan Riley Rowe

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