I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022!

Happy 2022!

I know the month is more than halfway over at this point so we’re well into the new year, but I wanted to share my goals, new habits, and vision board!


I decided to start out the year by making a few goals for myself–

  1. Start a podcast
  2. Save $10,000
  3. Build more muscle
  4. Take Ballet
  5. Get better/more comfortable cooking
  6. Volunteer once a month
  7. Complete “The Thirty” Challenge (30 Yoga classes in 30 days at Salt Yoga Tulsa)

Some of them are more challenging than others, but I’ve already started taking steps toward accomplishing them! I started taking a class as Tulsa Ballet last week, which was definitely challenging because I haven’t danced in several years, but it was also super fun! It’ll be a bit before I’ll be able to attend class again because I’m currently at home with COVID, but I’m looking forward to going back! I’m also working on starting a podcast, which is taking a little more time, but it’s well on its way!

As far as my savings goal and my cooking goal, both are making progress slowly but surely. I’ve started increasing my monthly contribution to my savings account and trying to cook something new at least once a week. I think being stuck inside during this cold weather makes both of these a little easier, but when it warms up I can tell I’ll be tempted to start eating out more often, which is counterproductive for both of these goals.

As far as my fitness and volunteering goals, I haven’t made much progress, but that’s mostly due to the fact that I’m stuck at home right now. As soon as I’m COVID-free I’ll be back at the gym and back at the Yoga studio working towards my fitness goals! In the meantime, I can use my time at home to research volunteer opportunities for when I’m feeling better!

New Habits!

A few new habits I’ve started since the beginning of the year are keeping a dream journal and answering some daily prompts. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I reach for my phone and open my Notes app to write down everything I can remember about my dream from the night before. Then, as soon as I’m finished I answer my daily prompts–

  1. Three things I’m grateful for
  2. Three goals for the day
  3. Three affirmations for the day
  4. One person I’m sending love to
  5. One intention for the day

Both of these new habits have helped me to be more mindful about what I spend my time thinking about and doing each day. They’re also helpful to look back on throughout the day to refocus (or in the case of the dream journals, just for fun!)

Vision Board!

And last but not least– my 2022 Vision Board!

Some of the pictures and phrases relate directly to my 2022 goals while others are more metaphorical or simply there just because I liked them! I have it hung up in my apartment where I can look at it every day and remember what I’m working towards!

These are the things I’m focusing on to kick off 2022! I’ll keep y’all posted on how they go! In the meantime, what are your goals for this year and how are you working towards achieving them?

Best Wishes!


Morgan Riley Rowe

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